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Here's some of my work. This includes animations, drawings, and even some programming work I've done! I'm always adding new examples of my work here whenever I make something new, so check back every once in a while to see some of my newest work!

Last updated May 5th, 2020


Some of my animation work! I mostly do 2d animation in Adobe Flash, although I've dabbled in other programs on occasion. Here's my 2020 Demo Reel, along with some other animated gifs and videos I've worked on!

All gifs below are made by me, and all videos are timestamped to the parts I worked on.

Lil' animation of me!
Some animation for Mike Picone. Animation for Stretchyman The Hiding. Animated outro for Daithi De Nogla.
Test animation of my living room because why not.


Here's some artwork I've done! Almost all of my art is done in Photoshop. I've used it for a while and I find it to be probably one of the best programs to draw with.

White orb. Random doodle. Painting of hat guy. Drawing of a climbing man. Random sketch. Another hat guy painting. Random doodle. Drawing of my character throwing some papers. Painting of my character, Vex. Random drawing. Random drawing. Painting of chaos unfolding. A little man in a corner. Hat guy drawing. A drawing of me in my living-room. Painting of me in the ocean.


Another hobby of mine is programming! I'm semi decent in HTML, CSS, JS, AS2, GML, and even some Lua! I'm always looking to push my programming skills forward, and find ways to intetrate them with my other interests! This website is a good example!! :0


Probably one of my most well known plugins for Flash/Animate, Boiler allows you to auto boil animations, vector drawings, and anything else drawn in Flash/Animate.    Boiler allows for a variaty of different boiled effects, supports boiling multiple keyframes on the timeline, and it's all free to use!

Animate Archive

A community driven archive of the Adobe/Macromedia Flash line of software.
I made this out of frustration, and it has a decent ammount of support from the community, people have helped me find more and more of these old pieces of software.


A unified engine for Flash plugins, allowing easy intigrating, theme matching, and smarter better plugins. Might be a while before I release this, I need it to work just right.

For more plugins & Flash scripts, Check out the plug-ins page.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio!

If you have any questions about what I do, want to get a commission, or want to message me otherwise, You can always send me a message or email.

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